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/ Annulé / Forever Imbricated x Dreamachine

au Chinois Montreuil

Sat 11 Dec 2021 22:00-05:00
> CASH ONLY à la porte.

/ Annulé /
En raison des nouvelles mesures gouvernementales en vigueur, la soirée au Chinois est annulée.


↘ Au Chinois, 6 place du Marché 93100 Montreuil

As part of Forever Imbricated Paris, Imbricated Real, Dreamachine and the CCS present Saturday, December 11, 2021 at the Chinois in Montreuil :
22:00 DJ Club Therapy 
00:00 Lalla Rami (Live)
00:30 DJ Working Class
02:00 DJ Crystallmess 
04:00 DJ Front de Crypte 

↘Crystallmess (FR)
Crystallmess (birth name Christelle Oyiri), is a French bornIvoirian/Guadeloupean producer, DJ, writer and artist based inParis.Her teeming production immediately stands out, yet oscillates freely between melodic techno, afro-trance and abrasive dancehall. Her stunning debut EP “MERE NOISES” has graced the CDJ’s of Bill Kouligas, Kode9 and Bonaventure among others, and has more exciting releases to announce soon.Alumnus of Creative Europe’s SHAPE platform for innovative music and art and NTS WIP 2019 as well as NTS Radio resident,Crystallmess approach to production, DJing and performance bridges radical energy and fantasmatic afrofuturism. Herpolyrhythmic and eclectic DJ style gives an uncompromising,globalized and diasporic definition to techno and club music in general and has seduced world’s finest clubs including DeSchool, Saule/Berghain, Corsica Studios, Concrete, sharing keyslots with Helena Hauff or Lotic and created sound designs for fashion houses such as Kenzo or Paco Rabanne.As AQNB declares : “Crystallmess set was the highlight of the night, she reads the crowd’s pace perfectly but always stay one step ahead of it.” Her devotion to club music and multifaceted nature makes Crystallmess is an unstoppable force to reckon with.

↘Lalla Rami : “Chanteuse rappeuse dangereuse “
Lalla gives in the transfeminist rap without compromise nor compassion for the HSBC. We recently saw her on the media Brut for a subject about the new wave of queer rap. She will be there LIVE with her dj, don’t miss it!
Lakali! (feat. SHANIDAFLAVA, Turtle White, Lalla Rami)
Extrait du documentaire “Queer”, sur BrutX

↘Thérapie de Club (FR) :
“Therapeutic session via a musical & body medium.”
Eden, in psychiatry by day, queen of the club by night.
Sets always very eclectic and with CRAZY energy.

↘Front de Crypte (FR) :
Cute ponytail, ecstatic drag make-up on mystery hood for slightly hard sets without borders. Front de crypte is the bottom of the kepa at 145bpm, when everything is abandoned and there is nothing left to understand but a sonic protest and nightmarish truculence.

Le Chinois
Sat 11 Dec 2021 22:00-05:00
> CASH ONLY à la porte.