Sophie Jung “Paramount VS Tantamount”, Centre culturel suisse, octobre 2018 / © Margot Montigny

Sophie Jung

Paramount VS Tantamount

Dans ses performances, souvent présentées au sein de ses expositions ou avec des éléments sculpturaux, Sophie Jung explore principalement le langage. Elle joue avec des identités changeantes, des « moi polyvocaux ». Dans Paramount VS Tantamount, elle incarne tour à tour cinq personnages, dont les spécificités s’interpénètrent, les voix se fusionnent, les identités se confondent. Deux logiques entrent alors en tension, l’hégémonique Paramount face au collectif Tantamount…

Avec Sophie Jung et Peter Burleigh

"A scripted performance piece in two stages, looking at internalized and externalizing otherness and investigating
how much or how little is needed to draw up gated identities or to celebrate porous selves.

My work often plays with shifting identities and with polyvocal selves, is obsessed with categories that are set up
only to be broken, types that are to be revealed as messy clusters of random intensities, and is often invested in
comparing the stereotype versus the original, only to recognize again, that the stereotype is formed by the eccentric,
the distinctive, the exception to the rule that bends all divergences to its particular eccentricities and so establishes a
norm. This ultimately demonstrates that any category, any established identity holds its negation, the errant, the
exceptional within its very core.

In Paramount VS Tantamount two logics are in battle – the hegemonic Paramount VS the collective Tantamount.
We are introduced to five characters, that, as soon as they step foot on the stage, begin to un-characterize each other, to merge voices, to conflate identities to the point where a temporary essence of a voice is all that is left.
This investigation into eye/dentity (the eye, the teeth, the face as locus for typisation and subsequent (sub-)ordering of subjects) happens through, at, despite of, against and alongside the grandest of themes: evolution, decomposition of previous life-matter by current life matter: the earthworms and the celestial bodies).
" Sophie Jung

Sophie Jung (1982, vit à Bâle) a fait partie de PerformanceProcess – New Swiss Performance Now à la Kunsthalle Basel en janvier 2018. Elle prépare une exposition personnelle au Kunstmuseum Basel / Gegenwart en automne 2018.