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Antille / Seiler & Genoux

As part of the Tschüüss Festival, the CCS presents A Bright Light - Karen and the Process, a portrait of singer Karen Dalton by Emmanuelle Antille, followed by Trixie, a portrait of dancer and choreographer Beatrice Cordua, aka Trixie, co-directed by Nicole Seiler and Bastien Genoux. The screenings are preceded by the signing of Emmanuelle Antille’s publication K D at the CCS bookstore.

19:00 - Emmanuelle Antille, A Bright Light – Karen and the Process (94')

In search of one of the sixties’ cult singer Karen Dalton, adulated by her peers, but unknown from the general public, A Bright Light – Karen and the Process is a documentary made of music and art that questions the creative process. On a wild and enchanted journey from Colorado to Woodstock, three women search for this once upon a time muse. Along the way, they encounter those who knew her as well as those whom she still haunts and influences today. The film draws the portrait of this exceptional artist, furiously free, who refused the system and its compromises. Through this iconic figure, we follow the quest of a certain freedom of life and expression and an independence for better or for worse.

éléments biographiques

Karen Dalton
Karen was born in Enid, Oklahoma in 1937. Half Cherokee, half Irish, she sings and collects Spiritual, prison and mountain songs, post-war jazz and old blues. In the early sixties, she left Oklahoma for New York, where she became the muse of Greenwich Village alongside Fred Neil, Tim Hardin and Bob Dylan. The latter also made his very first appearance on stage with her. She spent a few years in Colorado, then returned to New York to record two cover albums. The first in 1969,”It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going to Love You the Best” on Capitol, which went completely unnoticed, and the second in 1971,”In My Own Time”, on Just Sunshine Records - the label of Michael Lang, founder of the Woodstock festival - which was highly regarded. After a badly experienced European tour, Karen got lost in excesses and went into exile in Woodstock, where she died in 1993 at the age of 55 years in solitude and without ever having known any public recognition. To this day, Karen remains one of the most extraordinary voices ever recorded and commands the respect and admiration of many renowned musicians. Today she has become a cult artist, rediscovered by the current folk-rock scene.

Emmanuelle Antille
Born in 1972 in Lausanne, Emmanuelle Antille studied at the ESAV in Geneva and at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Since 1995, she has developed her artistic practice as a video artist and film director. Emmanuelle Antille has received numerous awards and recognitions: three Swiss Art Awards, the Kiefer-Hablitzel Prize, the Review film contest Migros Culture, Residencies in Berlin and in Paris, the Prix Découverte at the Festival de Namur, among others. Her work has been presented at the Kunstverein in Frankfurt, the Renaissance Society in Chicago, the National Gallery in Reykjavik, the CCA in Glasgow, the Toyko Wonder Site in Tokyo, the De Appel in Amsterdam, the Migros Museum in Zurich, Art Unlimited in Basel, the Jeu de Paume and the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Her films have been selected in numerous festivals. In 2003 Emmanuelle Antille represented Switzerland at the 50th Venice Biennale in the national pavilion. In 2012, she directed her second feature film, entitled AVANTI with Hanna Schygulla, Nina Meurisse and Miou-Miou. In 2018, her film A Bright Light - Karen and the Process had its world premiere at the Visions du Réel festival in Nyon and received the award for best music documentary at the Dock of the Bay festival in San Sebastián in 2020.


Documentaire 94’ / 2018 / Suisse
V.O. : English/French

Avec: Billy Mitchel, Dan Hankin, Chuck Ogsbury, Harry Tuft, Dick Weissman, Alexandra Ogsbury, Susan Hoover, Jean-Marc Butty, Ben Schenck, Colin Gagon, Jessica Radcliffe, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Joe Loop, Jana Hunter, Nathaniel Nelson, Carl Baron, Larkin Grimm, Nicholas Hill and Peter Walker
Réalisation: Emmanuelle Antille
Image: Carmen Jaquier
Son: Malika Pellicoli
Montage: Laurence Vaes, Emmanuelle Antille, Emilie Morier
Musique: Karen Dalton, Diane Cluck, Lower Dens, Cheyenne, Philippe Henchoz, Robot Kimbap, Djely Mamou Kouyaté, Delia Meshlir, Christian Pahud and Richard Tucker
Montage son: Corinne Dubien
Mixage: Franco Piscopo, Alea Jacta Post-production
Etalonnage: Robin Erard, Rougegorge Postproduction
Assistante réalisation: Malika Pellicioli
Coordinateur musique: Fabrice Bernard
Assistants musique: Eline Müller, Dunja Stanic Girod
Négociateur droits musicaux: Eric Mermod – myMusicRights
Sous-titres: Tongues United
Site internet: Jeff Gaudinet, Raphaël Arbuz

Producteur exécutif: Michael Lang
Production: Rubis Films, Emmanuelle Antille / Intermezzo Films, Luc Peter
Assistantes de production: Katia Monla Guisolan, Elodie Bieri, Karla Kolder
Comptabilité: Annick Kammacher

Avec la participation de Cinéforom et le soutien de la Loterie Romande
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse - Unité des films documentaires - Irène Challand et Gaspard Lamunière
Pour-cent culturel Migros : Postproduction
Office Fédéral de la Culture (OFC)
Headstrong Music

© 2018 Rubis Films - Intermezzo Films

21:00 - Nicole Seiler & Bastien Genoux, Trixie (80')

A sensitive portrait of Trixie, an extraordinary woman who testifies about her experience as a dancer and choreographer. Her personal experiences show a fascinating life alongside the great icons of dance she has known. Evolving in the heart of the German bubbling art scene, she will have marked the memories and the history of dance. In this sensitive portrait, through words and gestures, she sketches her incredible career by addressing the intimate question of her relationship with the aging body.


Bastien Genoux
Born in Lausanne in 1976, his training as a photographer allows him to tame the frame and the light and leads him to become a film director and cinematographer. In 2004, he founded Le Flair, a film production collective within which he began a significant connection to the performing arts. These multiple collaborations generate atypical films and allow him to sharpen his visual language. He also perfected his shooting skills through numerous experiences as a cinematographer on feature and short films of all genres. He created Detours Films in 2014 to better meet his aspirations and deepen his sensitive approach to reality. Meetings and collaborations with creators from different aesthetic worlds are the keystone of his artistic approach.

Nicole Seiler
Works and lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. Born in 1970 in Zurich, Nicole Seiler studied dance and theatre at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio (CH), the Vlaamse Dansacadamie in Bruges (BE) and at Rudra Béjart in Lausanne (CH). As a performer she collaborated in the creation of numerous works with companies such as Cie Buissonnière (Philippe Lizon), le Teatro Malandro (Omar Porras), Allias Compagnie (Guilherme Botelho), Cie Philippe Saire, Massimo Furlan as well as other companies abroad. She founded her company in 2002 in Lausanne. Since 2004, the company tours internationally.


directed by: Bastien Genoux
written by: Nicole Seiler & Bastien Genoux
with: Beatrice Cordua alias TRIXIE
editing: Nalia Giovanili
cinematography: Bastien Genoux
sound: Masaki Hatsui / David Lipka / Björn Cornelius / Théo Viroton
sound editing: Jérôme Cuendet / Alea Jacta
music: Stéphane Vecchione
additional music: Lucie Mauch
with film extracts by: Ludwig Schönherr / Stephen Dwoskin / Walter Bickmann
production: Détours Films / Cie Nicole Seiler
support: Cineforom / Loterie Romande / Ville de Lausanne / Etat de Vaud

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Wed 23 Feb 2022 19:00
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